Pajamas all day and afternoon snuggles


It’s half past two  in the afternoon and here we are, the three of us, in our pajamas, huddled close together, snuggling under my favorite wedding present comforter. And life couldn’t be more perfect than this. Give me anything. Anything at all. Try to entice me with a last minute hosting gig, a trip to the spa, a facial gift certificate or a free pedicure session. Even the sight of a new novel lying on my bedside table will not succeed in tearing me away from these two adorable angels. There is nothing more precious than this moment. And i am here because of the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I became Mommy.



To this day, i still marvel at the way things have turned out for me. It’s amazing how God writes one’s story. You never know what will happen next, but somehow you know that something good and amazing is bound to happen. Looking at this picture now of me and my children, i couldn’t help but remember that time when i was a million miles away from where i am now, from who i was then.

Work was my focus that time. I wouldn’t be caught dead in my pajamas at six o’clock in the morning. I was up at three, rehearsing my lines, reading the morning paper and tuned in to the early news. I wouldn’t permit myself to be in bed by ten in the evening.

It was a promising time with everything going for me.  My pocket was always full.

But there was no one to be silly with. No one to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed with. No one to have a tickle party with. No one to watch a Disney movie marathon with. No one to cuddle and snuggle with. My heart was bankrupt and i didn’t have any laugh lines.

Now, i am nowhere near  the person i was before. No steady income coming in. Away from the limelight.

But there is a steady stream of grace flowing everyday. A fresh dose of love is being deposited in my heart every minute. My days are full, yet strangely, there is peace.

Best of all, i get to be in my pajamas whenever i feel like it, get cuddly with my care bears  and enjoy this miracle called motherhood.


This and all the other simple, unhurried times with my two babies will always be the greatest moments of my life. Thank you Lord for writing my story. This for me, is Happiness:)



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